Almas Legacy Story

'Almas' is an Arabic word which means 'Diamond' and 'Ishtiaque' means 'Passion'.

The combination of these two words has given birth to the legacy of Almas. On August 14, 1967, Ishtiaque Almas formed this revolutionary new brand 'Almas Collection' with the elegance, tradition and beauty combined in every of its creation.

Thus, every August 14, Pakistan's Independence Day, we call on all women to feel independent and confident when they wear Almas jewelry.

This is how, from father to son, for more than fifty years, Almas has accompanied each woman with passion, style and legacy in the important events of her life.

Almas designs carry forward the traditional woman of the past, blending with the woman of today and creating the woman of tomorrow each day.

We offer a very wide range of products, from diamonds, gold, silver, wedding jewelry to fine jewelry. Our jewelry allows us to meet the needs of all our customers, and thus satisfy their requirements at all levels.

Do not doubt the quality! We carry out at least two checks: at the factory and then once the jewelry is received in store. Almas is thus essential to you. Whether it is because of its quality, its originality, and femininity. It accompanies you on a daily basis, but also in your change of life, at your wedding. It is not just a jewel that you hold in your hands it is the precision, the beauty, and all the essence of tradition.

Want to know which stone suits your personality or make which stone embed on your jewels, contact Dr. Diamond. Our Company Diamond Expert, who has acquired his Graduate Diamonds Degree from Gemological Institute of America and have a vast experience of Diamond grading and precious stones. He will be able to meet your expectations with his learned experience of over the years.

The diamonds that decorate our jewelry represent our eternity of your memories. Silver represents the newness that drives us, the future, that of the new generations, of our family that is growing every day. And finally, gold, is a carrier of power, it is our strength, a symbol of the luxury of our creations.

Almas Exports focuses its efforts on offering you quality Corporate Gifts around the world. Strengthen the bonds within your team, offer what you please. Create new families, expand ours. That's the real Almas.

In 50 years, we have conquered new horizons across the globe. In fact, we are proudly the largest privately-owned jewelry chain with locations in Karachi, Pakistan and Dallas, TX, USA and all over the world with the online store, just a tap away!

In our shops you will find all the kindness of our teams, expert advice to adapt and treasures. Our goal is to make your life: Simply Beautiful.

Shop online or visit our stores to explore the exclusive designs you have never seen before.